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Clark Family Center

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Grandma’s Place Early Learning Center

Grandma's Place Early Learning Center is a family-owned and -operated childcare center and preschool based in Portland, OR at the Rose Quarter. Since 1998, we’ve been building each child’s self-esteem and dignity, while creating a safe and healthy environment. We offer childcare services from as early as six weeks old, all the way up to five years old. We provide the best care and education for your child through our yearly programs, while allowing them to develop and grow their creativity in the way that’s best for them. Contact us today for enrollment information.

Early Learning that Inspires Children to Explore the World Around Them

Every child grows and develops in their own way, and it starts by exploring their environment. At Grandma's Place Early Learning Center, we strive to provide an environment that gives them everything they need to feel safe and explore with confidence, satisfying their visual, tactile and emotional needs. Our Portland, OR childcare facility was developed to nurture every child in the way that best fits them, so they experience positive social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth.

Our childcare is structured to help children progress no matter where they’re at in their very young lives. Our classrooms are divided up into groups based on their abilities and growing demand for stimuli: infants, mobile infants, wobblers, toddlers, preschool and pre-kindergarten. In each phase, children get the support of well-trained staff who help keep them safe, make sure their needs are met, and who encourage them with positive energy and kindness to explore the world around them. We do our very best to mimic a family atmosphere—one that nurtures a child and fosters their development in a powerful, positive way. 

At Grandma's Place Early Learning Center, we believe childcare is a place where the foundations of education are formed. Whether it’s exploring the earliest bounds of language or admiring the texture of a toy, we see the potential for children to absorb information about the world around them, to shape their growth in its most important stages. Let us provide your child with a positive environment that’s wholesome and happy, so they can learn and grow in ways that promote health and wellbeing for the rest of their lives. 

  • Our curriculum offers the freedom for children to explore what interests them.
  • We foster children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.
  • We have flexible, affordable tuition and accept DHS and third-party payments.
  • Our staff to child ratio is excellent, with a maximum of 20 children in a classroom.
  • There is no potty-training prerequisite for our preschool. 

Nurturing Development From an Early Age

From their earliest age, children develop a sense of the world around them. We’re here to ensure that experience is a positive one. Contact us today for enrollment criteria and information.