Mobile Infant Room Basics:

Staff to child ratio: 1:4, with a maximum of 8 children per classroom

Schedule: Mobile infant classrooms are still on-demand, meaning children can eat and sleep as needed; however, mobiles are offered snack and meals during regular times throughout the day, and most begin to nap and eat at the same times as their peers.

Our Safe Sleep Policies: Grandma's Place follows the Oregon Early Learning Division's guidelines for safe sleep.  Click the link above for more information.

Primary Care Giving: Grandma’s Place uses Primary Care Giving in our entire infant–toddler program. Primary Care Giving means that the infant or toddler and their family have someone special with whom to build an intimate relationship. This person will generally have daily written communication with parent(s) of each child.

What do we do in the Mobile Infant Room?

When I’m in the Mobile Infant Room I like to:

  •  Listen to my teachers read to me
  • Explore and climb, in my classroom and the play gym
  • Hear, see, touch and Feel things around me
  • Build relationships with my peers
  • Build a sense of self
  • Repeat tasks that I can master myself

What should I bring to school?

1. Diapers and wipes for the week

  • Cloth diapers are welcome, please talk to the director about accommodations.

2. At least two changes of clothes

  • I get messy during the day and sometimes my diaper leaks.

3. Sturdy Walking shoes

  • Our class goes to the playground and good shoes help me play safely outside

4. Thin blanket and a sheet

  • We ask each family to provide their own bedding, the smell and feel of bedding from home is comforting. Please bring an extra sheet incase one gets dirty. Small flat sheets or full size crib sheets work best. If your child is over one year old, they may use a blanket or a sleep sack during nap time.  


Classes For Mobile Infants in Portland, OR