What is my day like?

Each week my teacher will post a group planning form telling you what we will be working on in my classroom. I will also have a individual planning form that tells you what my individual plans for the month that are designed to enrich my development. My teacher can show you a schedule we like to follow, but if I need more time my teacher can be flexible.

In the morning…

Keep communication open with my teachers. If I am having a rough morning or need extra cuddle time, please tell my teacher so I can have a good day at school. Please make sure to tell me good bye, so we can build a trusting relationship together. My teacher will assure me that you will be coming back, just like you always do.

At the end of the day…

Take time to talk to my teacher about my day and review my daily report that is filled out each day. My daily report will tell you what I ate, what time I was changed or used the potty; it will also tell you if I am out of anything at school as well as all about my day’s activities. Be prepared that when I first see you I can be filled with emotion and cry, this does not mean I had a bad day, I’m just happy to see you!

Toddler Care Center in Portland, OR

Wobbler Room Basics:

Staff to child ratio: 1:5, with a maximum of 10 children per classroom

Potty training:  In Toddlers, we work hard to create a positive potty-training environment for all children, offering frequent opportunities to go into the bathroom, practice using the toilet, and learning healthy personal care routines.  

Schedule: In Toddlers, children are on a schedule, participating in mealtimes together and napping at a set time.  They also have regular opportunities to participate in outdoor exploration, gross motor play, song, dance, sensory play, art, and reading books!

Primary Care Giving: Grandma’s Place uses Primary Care Giving in our entire infant–toddler program. Primary Care Giving means that the infant or toddler and their family have someone special with whom to build an intimate relationship. This person will generally have daily written communication with parent(s) of each child.

What do we do in the Toddler Room?

When I’m in the Toddler room I like to:

  • Have circle time with my teacher every day
  • Explore and climb in my classroom and outside
  • Listen to music and books
  • Build relationships with my peers
  • Feel like I can do things by myself
  • Choose areas to play that interest me
  • Develop gross and fine motor skills

What should I bring to school?

1. Diapers and wipes for the week

  • Cloth diapers are welcome, please talk to the director about accommodations.

2. At least two changes of clothes

  • Sometimes I get messy from art projects or accidents

3. Blanket for rest/nap time

4. Comfort item from home

  • This could be a blanket or special stuffed animal that will help me feel comfortable, especially during naptime.
  • Please leave all other toys at home, I will have lots of toys at school to play with.