Grandma’s Place is committed to the safety and well being of our staff, children and families. We have met and exceeded the state safety and sanitation standards. We now operate our classroom in “Pods”. Each classroom has stable teachers and each Pod has a stable break person so as to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. In addition, all adults wear masks at all times.

Other changes we have made include:

  • Each child has their own sensory bin so there is no shared sensory
  • Each classroom has their own outside toys, and outside structures are disinfected between classrooms
  • Stable groups do not interact with each other
  • In addition to sanitizing and disinfecting throughout the day, the entire school is “fogged” twice a week with a hospital grade, child and food safe mist that kills viruses, including the flu, COVID-19, hand-foot-mouth, and other common childhood and respiratory illnesses.
  • Shortened hours from 8-5pm
  • Starting Sept. 1 parents cannot enter the building. Staff will greet children, complete a health check and escort children to their classrooms. Children must arrive between 8-9:30am and be picked up between 3:30-5pm. Staff will not be available during other times to escort children to their classroom.
  • See our latest COVID-19 policiesHERE.

Grandma's Place Health and Safety

Measures During Covid 19