GP Families,

GP will be closed on Thursday, Jan. 12.  This was a difficult decision for us to make.  Please be assured that we understand you rely on us to provide care for your children because people depend on you to do your job.  However, we expect it to be too difficult for teachers and staff to get to work in order to provide safe care for your children.


In order to make an informed decision we drove around the city for over 2 hours.  In our opinion, transportation in the city remains treacherous, and we expect the roads to worsen in the morning when slushy snow freezes.  In addition, parking is impossible as there are many abandoned vehicles and accumulated snow in parking lots.  


We all know this much snow is unprecedented in the Portland area, and we are truly regretful to cause hardship for your family.  However, we believe closing tomorrow is in the best interest of our families and staff.


Please keep an eye on our website at www.gpelc.net for further updates.


Thank you.